Hi, my name is Emilija Angeleski

My Roles at Kiddie Academy include:

Family Care Officer

Floater across all age groups

Hi name is Emilija,

I have 1-year experience in the Early childhood sector and 4 years’ experience in business administration and customer service.

My aim is to ensure open communication throughout the enrolment and orientation process as well as support and work closely with our parent committee.

Family participation is an important part of making the service a true part of the community. I believe in creating an environment that is welcoming and inclusive and supports a sense of belonging for children, families, and educators.

Positive relationships with families’ turn into a partnership as together we share a common objective and responsibility for reaching goals for children.

Hi, my name is Mark Omus

My Roles at Kiddie Academy include:

Room Assistant Blue Room (3-5 Years)

Fire Warden

Hi, my name is Mr Mark.

My Teaching Philosophy is that children need the assurance of being loved and cared for while they are enjoying an educational environment.

Teaching is my passion as I have been in the early childhood industry for 2 years. I focus on building trustful relationships with all children and families.

I have a love for sports and a passion for planning and implementing the Move and Munch program at Kiddie Academy

I endeavour to create a physical environment that is safe for all children at all times.

I believe educators role is to foster the physical and psychological development in children by encouraging physical activity that is, extends thinking and offers opportunities to take manageable risks.

I am committed to supporting families to understand the importance and benefits of adventurous play for their children. I believe that for children to learn effectively and prepare for life-long skills, it’s important for them to experience challenging situations in our physical environment that is managed effectively to minimise negative outcomes, not eliminate risk.

Hi, my name is Umesha Steele

My Roles at Kiddie Academy include:

My Roles at Kiddie Academy include

Room Assistant Orange Room (2-3 Years)

Animal Caretaker / Gardening Officer

Hi everyone, my name is Umesha, I am the newest team member of Alexandria, I have a love for children and am excited that I can be studying by Traineeship under the best in the business at Kiddie Academy


Umesha, “Children should be given choices, responsibilities, and opportunities to initiate their own learning. I believe observations and assessments are excellent tools to use when planning curriculum. Observations not only aide in creating the curriculum but also give insight into the development, knowledge and skill levels of each individual child”.


Children need the assurance of being loved and cared for while they are enjoying an educational environment. Teaching children is my passion.



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