Choosing Quality Child Care for Your Infant or Toddler

It’s the wish of many families to have their children enrolled in the highest quality child care centre. When babies get a good start in life, their chances of success increase exponentially. Research has shown that children who have spent time in high-quality child care environments exhibit long-lasting benefits from the experience, which goes on to help them engage and build success for life. This means better school transition and outcomes, workforce readiness, global competitiveness and overall social stability.

Kiddies Academy recognizes that early education and care is pivotal to the development of responsible, intelligent and well-adjusted adults. We embrace the measures of a child’s Belonging, Being and Becoming – The Early Years Learning Framework which recognizes the complex nature of young children’s learning and enhances their learning from birth to 5 years of age, as well as their transition to school.

All parents deserve to feel confident that their babies are receiving great care in a safe and loving environment with plenty of opportunities to learn and grow every day.

Indicators of High-Quality Child Care 

There are quality indicators that measure the conditions that generally foster a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment for kids. Such characteristics enable you as a parent or guardian to make better child care choices for your children. But what exactly does it look like? What should we expect from child care providers and can you easily identify the high-quality options? Dive in to learn more.

Positive Teacher/Child Interactions

Teacher-child relations are fundamental to learning. In early childhood settings, any moment that an educator and a child interact with one another is an opportunity to develop positive relationships. Teachers need to adopt individually appropriate strategies that take into account each kid’s needs, interest and abilities.

Teacher behaviors such as making eye contact, engaging in one-on-one interactions, using pleasant calm voices and simple language, showing genuine interest, greeting kids warmly, etc. help establish positive, secure relationships.

In our learning centres, it’s just not about learning the ABCs, but really creating that emotional connection and social nurturing ability, in a home-like and welcoming environment. 

Caring and Stimulating Environment

For this, first impressions really are everything. You should feel it’s the right place when you first walk through the doors. Does it seem like a vibrant, clean and engaging space for your child? Take a closer look at the environment and note whether they have age-appropriate environments for each stage. For instance, is the infant room designed properly with adequate space for babies to crawl around safely? Do the older kids have desks or tables for colouring or crafts?

This is critical because a child’s development is directly linked to their ability to interact with their environment. An effective environment supports kid’s interaction with space, materials and the people around.

Staff with Higher Education and Ongoing Training

Usually, the more education on child development and early education the staff has, the better. It’s important for caregivers to have training specific to the ages of the children in care. So, don’t hesitate to ask about the educational backgrounds of the staff and whether there is any ongoing-in-service training or workshop opportunities to keep their skills up-to-date. 

In Support of Family-Educator Partnerships

We know that teacher-child relationships are quite fundamental in your child’s early learning. But how about parent-teacher relationships? You want an open, respectful relationship with your kid’s teacher, where you feel free to ask questions and provide information. You also benefit from being involved in your child’s education as you get ideas on how to help and support your kids, learn more about the school’s academic program and how it works.

We work hard to maintain excellent relationships with children’s families irrespective of culture or background and acknowledge the valuable contributions parents can make towards the holistic development of each child. Families feel welcome and are encouraged to visit even without notice to assess the staff’s level of engagement and general mood as well as participate in their child’s learning. 

Safe and Secure Environment

Keeping children safe is a universal goal. A good child care centre should be acutely aware of the enormous responsibility of keeping children safe. Is the environment set up in a way that offers kids the opportunity to explore freely in a well-organized and child-friendly space?  Are outdoor play areas fenced in order to keep children safe? Is it designed to enable supervising teachers to monitor all kids during their playtime? Also, pay attention to hazards like uncovered electrical outlets or breakable objects.

We strongly believe in the importance of security and safety for all the children at Kiddie Academy – Alexandria Child Care Centre. Our early learning centres operate in a well-maintained environment with strict policies in place to promote the health and safety of children in our care.

Good Nutrition

You want your little one to have the best possible start, and good nutrition and adequate physical exercise have a crucial role to play. For young kids, each meal is an opportunity for them to grow healthy and strong while developing good habits. While on your visit, ask to see daily menus and check for evidence that healthy and quality meals are served. Learn more about how they handle food and nutrition. Further, for breastfeeding babies, get to know what steps your child care provider will take to support successful breastfeeding.

Opportunities for Active Play

We understand play is central to your child’s learning and development. Playtime helps kids build confidence, develop social and motor skills, language and communication while learning about caring for others and the environment. It never hurts to know how much active playtime kids have each day, the kind of activities available(indoor or outdoor) or if infants get regular tummy time.

We have ample quantities of age-appropriate materials and toys for kids to play with, which creatively allow them to discover their world in a safe, controlled manner. 

Are you looking for high-quality child care in the Sydney area? Feel free to contact us to book an appointment or make an enrolment enquiry. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are waiting to answer your questions and help you make an informed choice when it comes to ensuring the best child care experience for your little one.

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