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Choosing a child care centre for your young children is a lot like choosing a paediatrician — you only want the best. Most parents prefer to leave their children with family members, but that’s not always possible.

So, how about the next best thing? 

Kiddie Academy is a family-based child care centre committed to fairness, equity, development, and learning. Our homelike atmosphere offers a sense of safety and security for you and your children. 

Along with a stimulating learning environment, we also focus on children’s relationships, which help develop their communication, thinking, and problem-solving skills. We believe children thrive when educators and families work together to support their learning experience. 

Our child care centre in Alexandria is conveniently located near the Sydney CBD and ready for new enrollments in the coming months. 

If you’re looking for high-quality child care in Sydney, Kiddie Academy’s Alexandria centre is proud to provide it!  

Our Philosophy 

Kiddie Academy’s philosophy is based on three essential pillars from the Early Years Learning Framework: belonging, being, and becoming. 


We aim to recognise a child’s connection with others — family, a cultural group, a neighbourhood and community — and how it serves as the basis for defining their identities. 


We focus on the here and now and its importance to a child’s life. 


There are tremendous changes that occur in the early years of a child’s life, and we believe it is crucial to reflect on them. 

Our Education 

At Kiddie Academy, a combination of education and engaging experiences will help shape your child’s self-worth, confidence, education and wellbeing. 

Keeping with the Early Years Learning Framework, the overall goal of our education program is comprised of five learning outcomes: 

Outcome 1 is aimed at developing a child’s sense of identity. The goal is to have them feel safe, secure, and supported while navigating their emerging independence. They will also learn empathy, care, and respect in terms of their interaction with others. 

Outcome 2 still focuses on discovering the children’s self-identities while learning about their role in the community — how they are connected and how they can contribute. 

Outcome 3 centres around a child’s social and emotional wellbeing. They learn how to take responsibility for their health and happiness. 

Outcome 4 is all about feeling confident in the ability to learn. Children learn in various ways, including through their curiosity, creativity and imagination. Skills such as problem-solving, hypothesising, and researching are explored.

Outcome 5 is oriented around children becoming effective communicators. This involves being able to interact with others verbally and nonverbally, expressing ideas, understanding symbols and patterns, access information, and investigate ideas. 

Our Alexandria Centre 


Here’s a little information about our Kiddie Academy centre in Alexandria:  

  • It’s a licensed and fully accredited child care centre with high quality, purpose-built facilities and classrooms
  • The centre provides secure premises with on-site parking
  • It’s conveniently located just outside the Sydney CBD
  • We strive to provide a warm, welcoming environment that feels like home
  • We’re continuously implementing improvements and updates to our classrooms, ensuring we offer the best possible experience for your little ones
  • We are hygiene-focused to protect the safety and wellbeing of your child 

Available Programs

Our preschool program runs from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. The benefit of long day care hours is also included since we’re open from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm. We cater to ages 6-weeks to 6-years-old.

Our classrooms are divided into four different age groups: 6-weeks to 1-year-old (Red Room), 1 to 2-years-old (Purple Room), 2 to 3-years-old (Orange Room), and 3 to 5-years-old (Blue Room).  

We offer a number of learning programs, including: 

  • The ELLA Program (Early Learning Languages Australia) 
  • FAST Football 
  • Transition to school program
  • Soundplay and dramatic play
  • Group time discussions
  • News time and show-and-tell
  • Quiet activities 
  • Special workbooks
  • Road safety and stranger danger
  • Self-help skills 

For the new 2020 enrollments, we also offer two specialised learning programs: Children’s’ Spanish Classes

Spanish classes are available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We believe it’s never too early to learn a new language! It’s shown to have a positive correlation with cognitive development.

Before age five, children use the same part of their brain to learn a new language as they do to learn their native one. This allows them to pick up the second language just as quickly! Children’s’ Yoga Classes

Yoga is available Monday through Friday. As the popularity of children’s’ yoga classes grow, we are excited to implement it into our early childhood program. Our yoga instructor brings four years of experience teaching children and their families the benefits of Yoga in daily life. 


Our goal is to have the children engage in a variety of stimulating experiences. In addition to our early education structure based on the Early Years Learning Framework, we also focus on the following: Play 

Children develop physical, intellectual and emotional skills through play. While playing with others, they learn to socialise while discovering what “give and take” means in human relationships. 

They will also partake in developmental, “hands-on” play such as doing, experimenting, predicting, achieving, and making mistakes. Families and Community 

Children’s most influential educators are their families! We believe a partnership between early childhood educators and families helps achieve learning outcomes. More importantly, every family has their own cultures, values, and beliefs, and they should be honoured and respected by the centre and its programs.

We also focus on the value and impact the community has on the development of children. We facilitate this by creating links between the children, their families, and the broader community. Diversity, Fairness, and Social Justice 

We strongly support the principles of social justice. We believe people from every background deserve fairness, equity, and respect, which is ingrained into every aspect of our centre. 

We provide an anti-bias program that teaches children awareness and respect for individuals regardless of gender, religion, culture, race, physical or intellectual abilities. 


At our Alexandria centre, our delicious meals are provided by Kids Gourmet Catering Company, using quality, fresh, whole ingredients. We are proud to offer healthy food options for your growing child! 

Tour Our Kiddie Academy Child Care Centre in Sydney 

If the Kiddie Academy Child Care Centre in Sydney sounds like the best fit for your child, we’d love to meet you!

You can fill out our enrollment inquiry form or book a tour to see for yourself all that we have to offer. 

Our caring facility, stimulating learning program, and convenient location near the Sydney CBD makes Kiddie Academy the perfect choice for your child’s education and personal development.

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