Kiddie Academy prides itself on building strong and ongoing partnerships with families.

Kiddie Academy has an Open Door Policy and actively seeks and encourages families to be involved in the Service. This can range from evaluating and adding input to your child’s program and observations, volunteering within the Service and sharing skills & experiences that the children and the program will benefit from.

You can be involved in the Kiddie Academy Family Committee. Your involvement can be as formal or active as you like as time permits. We respect that time is limited for most families and we ask that you inform us as to your preferred way of communication. We can arrange meetings with your child’s Educator at a time that suits you throughout the year and offer email, Newsletters, Daily Journal and pride ourselves on strong verbal communication on a daily basis. We seek input from families on all aspects of the Service but in particular, your child’s goals, observations and program.

How can you contribute to our Program and your child’s time at Kiddie Academy?

Family Skills, Interests and Talents

We welcome and encourage the involvement of all parents/families at our Service. Your ideas, experiences and skills are greatly valued and will enable us to extend each child’s interests, abilities and knowledge. There are many ways for your family to be involved. We understand that our busy lives can’t always afford the time, however any contribution no matter how big or small is much appreciated. Here are just a few ideas.

Your Occupation or Hobby

You are the most important person in their world. We welcome all parents to the Service to talk about their occupation or hobby (e.g. music, craft, cooking). Everything parents do interest children and these talks are the best educational resources you can provide for the Service.

We use information that has come from discussions about occupations and hobbies in our program and the ideas explored which can turn into interest projects providing valuable learning.

Your Home Culture

Your home culture is most welcome in our Service. We would greatly appreciate if you were able to share with our Service aspects of your culture and family life. This would assist us to enrich the lives of all our families and children.


Kiddie Academy welcomes our families to visit or call the Service at any time. We welcome all suggestions and ideas on how we best can work together in our Service.

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