About Us

Our educators enjoy learning with the children that attend our care.


We all know that the best learning happens when children play.  What is even better and engaging is when educators play and learn together with the children.

Together with the educators, children find answers to their curiosity and learns how to apply these to their everyday lives.

How we achieve this

We have an extensive interview and onboarding process for all the positions required in our Centres.

We make sure that our educators are passionate and committed in providing quality care to families and children.

Our Commitment

Children are naturally curious.  Right from birth, they are wondering and exploring.

We are committed in providing the best learning and enjoyable learning spaces.  We constantly reflect on our practices to improve the service that we provide.

Providing an inclusive environment

We take account all children’s social, cultural and linguistic diversity in curriculum decision making processes.

Focus on the planning cycle

Educators use their in-depth knowledge of each child’s strengths and interest and use this as a basis for learning and planning.

Pedagogical practices

Theories and research evidence, political drivers, evidence from practice, individual and group reflection, educators’ experiences and expertise, and community expectations and requirements inform our curriculum.

Sustainable leadership practices

We encourage everyone in engaging continuous professional development.

Our Difference

We are the wise choice in childcare

Families, children, and educators choose Kiddie Academy because of our experience and knowledge in providing quality education and care.
Our transparent dealings with families ensure that we constantly reflect and improve the way we deliver our programs and conduct our business.

Our Team

Our team are comprised of educators that hold their diploma in early childhood teaching, degree in early childhood teaching, diploma in child psychology, and have extensive experience and skills in the early childhood sector.

The team also has extensive knowledge in childcare centre design, build, compliance and licensing requirements.

The vast knowledge and experience of the team go together in ensuring we provide the best learning experience to the children and ensuring the centres have excellent learning environments and ensuring the safety of the children is paramount.

Passion for engaging experiences

If children are engaged, you will find they will display fewer challenging behaviours.

When children are interested and have a sense of wonder in the environments that they are in, they will be excited to be coming and will engage in play, also making separation easier for the families and the children.

All children need to feel secure and safe in their environment in order to learn and more easily manage their behaviour.

We are inspired by the Reggio Emilia principles

Children must have some control over the direction of their learning.

Children must be able to learn through experiences of touching, moving, listening, seeing, and hearing.

Children have a relationship with other children and with material items in the world that children must be allowed to explore.

Children must have endless ways and opportunities to express themselves.

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