Child Care Subsidy Calculator

The Child Care Subsidy (CCS) rates that took effect on 10 July 2023 for Financial Year 2024 are being used.

Child Care Subsidy (CCS) Calculator

The Child Care Subsidy (CCS) Calculator is a tool for Australian parents to estimate their possible CCS payment amount from the Australian Government and out-of-pocket child care costs when attending Kiddie Academy early childhood education and care services.

This tool is developed to help parents understand some very important questions about CCS such as “How much childcare subsidy do I get?” and “How is child care subsidy calculated?” This CCS calculator is based on guidelines and publications about CCS that can be found in the Child Care Subsidy Guide by the Department of Education and Training, Australian Government. The results from this CCS calculator are only indicative and informative. The estimation of your CCS will be based on the information you provide. If any information provided is inaccurate, the estimation could be incorrect.

This calculator could generate inaccurate results in particular cases, for example, the calculator does not take into account if you are repaying any money to Centrelink, or have had your payment reduced, the assets test, if you are paid under a Social Security Agreement, or if you are overseas.

Please note: 5 percent (5%) of your weekly CCS entitlement will be withheld until the end-of-year reconciliation after the end of each financial year. You’re able to vary this amount to suit your circumstances. You can do this up to twice a year using your Centrelink online account through myGov.

If you need help on how to claim Child Care Subsidy, please refer to Child Care Subsidy – How to claim – Australian Government Department of Human Services.

If you don't meet the Child Care Subsidy Activity Test Requirements

If you don’t meet the Child Care Subsidy Activity Test Requirements, you may still be able to access subsidised child care according to the Department of Human Services. Low income families on $80,000 or less a year will be able to access 24 hours of subsidised care per fortnight without having to meet the activity test. If you don’t meet the activity test and you have a preschool aged child attending an early childhood educational program (such as a preschool or kindergarten program) at a Centre-Based Day Care service, you can access 36 hours of subsidised care per fortnight. From 10 July 2023, Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander children can get at least 36 subsidised hours of child care per fortnight, regardless of their family’s activity level.

Child Care Subsidy Calculator

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