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Office of the Children’s Guardian

E-Learning Course

The Office of the Children’s Guardian provides four eLearning courses to help you keep children safe in your organisation.

  • Responding to Reportable Allegations (modules 1–7 now available)
  • Child Safe Sports eLearning (module 1 now available)
  • Child Safe eLearning – Keeping children safe in organisations
  • SAFESpace eLearning – Keeping children safe in organisations in the disability sector


Be You Professional Learning

E-Learning Course

At the heart of Be You is a content framework that provides educators and leaders with a structure for both Professional Learning, and the actions which early learning services and schools can take to implement a whole learning community approach to children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing.

The Professional Learning consists of 13 content modules grouped under five domains, with content centred around mentally healthy communities. Once you’ve signed up, your dashboard gives you full access to the modules and allows you to track your progress.

To complete a ‘module’, you’ll need to progress through every topic. To complete a ‘topic’, read through the content – making sure you watch any videos and click through all sections within the content.


Document and suport children’s learning

Record and communicate learning as it happens by sharing photos, video, audio, observations and routines within a secure online environment. Receive instant feedback and plan new ways to extend children’s unique interests and abilities.

Centre Director Links

Childcare management system used by Kiddie Academy.

Giving you a helping hand with enrolments, digital attendance, CCS submission and everything you need to manage your service.

Access Kiddie Academy’s suite of apps that help you stay connected and get things done.

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