Dear parents,

We hope you and your family have been safe and well over the last few months.

We’re overly excited that all children are now able to return to early childhood education and care settings — it’s been wonderful to have so many children back with us this week.

We know many parents are passionate about the issue of vaccination. Like you, we think vaccination is a crucial way we can keep our community safe.

We’re proud to let you know that all our educators have now received one dose of the COVID-19 vaccination and have a second dose booked prior to 8 November.

We encourage all eligible adults and children aged 12 years or over in your household to consider getting vaccinated as this is the best wat of keeping our community and our youngest children safe. You might be interested to learn more about the vaccination on the National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance website.

We look forward to welcoming even more families back to our service in the coming weeks.

Warm regards,
Kiddie Academy Management